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Try something new!

  • Similar to VR goggles, but with a live video feed from a drone

  • Personalized Experience - pilots can take requests on where to fly

  • We can set up at your event! Festivals, Fairs, Birthdays, Weddings etc.

  • Comfortable chair provided during experience

  • Indoor flight is possible in safe spaces

  • Both Kids & Adults enjoy it

  • Great for concerts, birthdays, fairs, reunions etc

Full Send: The DJI FPV can reach speeds of 100mph and perform roller coaster-like maneuvers

DJI FPV_edited_edited_edited.png

Excellent for scenic areas

The DJI Avata can be flown indoors and around people safely - through tight spaces and obstacles

4k Video Recording

While we are flying, you can elect to have a copy of all of the flights for a small processing fee

Imagine being able to see what a bird sees, while sitting safely in a comfortable chair wearing video goggles...

For many people, it's a dream come true. Drone pilots have this luxury every day - but why shouldn't anyone be able to experience that view? That's the question we asked at iFlyCameras - and now you can!

We are FAA Part 107 Licensed drone operators - This service offered only in legal US airspace - Safety is our top priority


The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a limousine with a smooth ride and beautiful camera


Pricing & Availability

Events in San Diego: $1000 per day to offer this to your guests, or $150 per hour.
If the event interests us, we may set up at no cost to the event and act as a vendor.
Events outside of San Diego: please contact us for rates.

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